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Strength is the foundation of all components of fitness. The stronger you are, the easier everything is, from normal daily activities to sporting events.

The process of getting stronger is fairly lengthy, with adaptations of a neuromuscular nature, rather than hypertrophy, which lends itself to a lean physique, with great strength- and power-to-weight ratios. It is also more efficient, and less metabolically expensive, which means that less nutrition is required to maintain strength gains.

Training is primarily conducted through lifts such as the squat and it’s variations, dead-lift and bench press. Other exercises such as the overhead press and bent over rows are also used to maintain balance, and improve posture.

Endurance Events

Whether you are looking to improve your Parkrun time, compete in the Midmar Mile, or improve your seeding for the 94.7 Cycle Challenge, investing time in specialised strength training, and having a custom programme prescribed for you will dramatically increase your endurance and have you feeling stronger, for longer in your race.


Holistic, functional movement will present you with situations that challenge your physical capacity and test your mental fortitude. Your confidence will be boosted and the training will make you remember what fun movement can be. 

Team Training

Whether at club or school level, the benefits of specific fitness training are undeniable. Why not give your team their best season yet by putting them through a sport specific pre-season programme.

Corporate Bootcamp

Create a strong team spirit by having fun in a 45 minute bootcamp either before or after work. Fun training in the fresh air, at the corporate premises will put a spring in the step of your employees and create a buzz in the office.