Bumper plates in rack


Bumper plates for strength development.

The Strength Lab

The Strength Lab fulfills an identified need in the fitness industry – there is a lack of attention to strength development for the social and semi-professional athlete, and a lack of suitable facilities and expertise for specific strength training.

In the professional sporting arena, athletes tend to make regular year-on-year physical gains, getting ever closer to reaching their genetic potential. These gains translate into better performances on the court, pitch, track or arena. These physical gains are the result of adherence to a scientifically designed conditioning program dispensed by a trained professional focusing on, amongst other variables, strength development.

The desire for improving performances is not limited to professional athletes. Semi-professional and social athletes also strive to improve, but due to the constraints of full- or part-time jobs, and a lack of scientific coaching, find that their performance improvement is frustratingly slow.

The Strength Lab is the answer. The Strength Lab is a specialised strength training business. Here clients are taught how to lift weights correctly. By teaching correct technique, clients can lift more weight, with a vastly reduced risk of injury. Lifting heavy weights forces an adaptation in the body, increasing the base level of strength, which can then be converted into different components of fitness, depending upon what is necessary for their individual pursuits. It is an entity designed to accelerate the performance improvement of athletes, through developing the strength of individuals.

The coach

Robert joined the fitness industry in 2009, having successfully extricated himself from the world of investment banking in London. He completed his BSc Sport Science Honours Degree in 2012, and during this time worked as a bootcamp instructor. It was then that Rob knew he had found his calling in life: helping people to improve their lives. Making them stronger, fitter and faster excites him like reconciling a trade never could. His journey into fitness now includes fitness education, presenting courses and workshops on sport management and exercise science.

Robert is passionate about training and takes inspiration from a broad range of sport and training backgrounds, including strength training, parkour, yoga, climbing, football and running. This passion for training, and seeing the improvement in people led to the establishment of The Strength Lab, where it is translated through scientific programming and exceptionally high attention to detail into improvement in the functional fitness of his clients.